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If you only have 20-30min to complete a workout do the first two circuits.  If you have have 45min to 1 hour to workout complete all three circuits provided below!

If you do not have weights thats fine you can do just body weight or you can grab items around the house like laundry detergent, soup cans, books and use those. 

Be creative! 

If you experience any joint pain while completing any of these exercises please modify or eliminate that movement from your circuit.

Follow the directions for each circuit and refer to the video if you need!


(Please check with your physician before partaking in any physical activity.  By doing these exercises you understand that you are doing them voluntarily and at your own risk.  Nashville Personal Training Company will not be liable for any injury, illness, or death related to these workouts and by paying for the program you are releasing NPTC of any liability here then after.) 

Circuit 1

Squat Alternating Step Up x 16 total

Box Jumps x 10

Right Leg Wall Sit w Left Leg Extension x 15

Left Leg Wall Sit w Right Leg Extension x 15

Banded 5 Squats to 5 Squat Jumps 60 sec

Complete 3x's

Circuit 2

Dead Lifts x 12

Hamstring Curls x 15 (Hip Bridges if you don't have a ball)

Right Leg Dead Lift x 10

Right Leg Dead Lift Jump x 10

Left Leg Dead Lift x 10

Left Leg Dead Lift Jump x 10


Complete 3x's 

Circuit 3

Elevated Hip Thrusts x 15

Banded Alternating Curtsy Lunge x 16 total

Right Leg Hip Thrust x 10

Banded Monster Walks w Pulse 30sec

Left Leg Hip Thrusts x 10

Banded Lateral Bear Crawl 30sec

Complete 3x's

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