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If you only have 20-30min to complete a workout do all four circuits only once.  If you have have 45min to 1 hour to workout complete all four circuits twice!

If you do not have weights thats fine you can do just body weight or you can grab items around the house like laundry detergent, soup cans, books and use those. 

Be creative! 

If you experience any joint pain while completing any of these exercises please modify or eliminate that movement from your circuit.

Follow the directions for each circuit and refer to the video if you need!


(Please check with your physician before partaking in any physical activity.  By doing these exercises you understand that you are doing them voluntarily and at your own risk.  Nashville Personal Training Company will not be liable for any injury, illness, or death related to these workouts and by paying for the program you are releasing NPTC of any liability here then after.) 


Watch all 4 videos first. You will do all 4 circuits through continuously with a minute rest between circuits. There are 6 exercises in each circuit. You have a minute to complete the assigned number of reps for each exercise. If you finish you reps before the minute is up, you get to rest for the remainder of the minute. 


45 Squats 

45 Jump Squats

30 Pushups 

30 Shoulder Taps (each side = 1/2)

30 V Ups

30 Burpees


40 Backwards Lunges (each side = 1) 

40 Jump Lunges (each side = 1)

30 Shoulder Press Pushups 

30 Shoulder Presses

30 Leg Drops

45 Jumping Jacks


40 Curtsy Lunges 

40 Speed Skaters

30 Up Downs

30 Dips

30 Heel Touch Crunch

30 Tuck Jumps


30 Side Lunges

40 Squat Jacks

40 Bicep Curls

40 Weighted Uppercuts

50 Russian Twists

50 Mountain Climbers

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