Strawberries and Cream Overnight Oats


5 Masion Jars or Seelable Container (In each jar you will put)

.5cups Oats

1 Serving Vanilla Protein Powder

1 tsp Chia Seeds

.5 cup Almond Milk 

.5 cup Frozen Strawberries


In each jar add everything except for the strawberries.  Once they are added use a knife to mix them all together.  Once mixed add the frozen strawberries to the top.  Seel the jar and put in the fridge for the week.  Make sure the first one is in the fridge for at lease 4 hours before enjoying.  


Egg and Cucumber 


1cup Cucumber

1 Hard Boiled Egg


Taco Salad


1cup Cooked Brown Rice

10oz Cooked Ground Turkey or meatless grounds

2cups Romain Lettuce

Taco Seasoning

.5 Avocado

.5 Cherry Tomato

1 cup Cucumber

Directions:  Cook the rice according to the directions on the box.  Divide into two separate containers.

Cook your turkey until it is no longer pink and ground it to small pieces. Add taco seasoning when the turkey is cooked all the way through. Divide into two separate containers with the rice.

Top each container with 1 cup chopped romain lettuce, .25 of avocado, .25cup cherry tomato, .5cup cucumber.  

Enjoy one salad now and save the other salad for dinner.


Apple and String Cheese or Non Dairy Cheese


1 Medium Apple

1 String Cheese


Taco Salad

Other half from lunch

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